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Elite Leads Geeks is born out of a desire to change the sales industry.  Far too often we hear about scripting, manipulating, or closing people. The truth is that people don't want to be sold. They want to be heard, understood, and valued. The primary goal of the Elite Leads Geeks is to give our fellow Leads Geeks the blueprint, tools and skills needed to serve others. 

You will receive exclusive access to monthly coaching calls with top Leads Geeks, Robby T & Jim Rentfrow. Collectively these two have made over 200k calls, contacted 25k people, and booked over 2,500 appointments. The Elite Leads Geeks group will join together some of the best minds in the industry to help you book more appointments.


$50/ month


One 60-minute call/ month


Reframe the Call

Thursday, August 15th from

12-1 PM CST

Challenge Their Thinking

Thursday, November 21st from 12-1 PM CST

Mirror & Match

Thursday, September 26th from 12-1 PM CST

 Identify Red Flags

Thursday, December 19th from 12-1 PM CST

Tell Me More

Thursday, October 24th from

12-1 PM CST

Collaborate with Leads

Thursday, January 16th from

12-1 PM CST

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