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Hatch Systems Training

Welcome to your member's only resource library! 

Download the following documents to help you utilize our Hatch Systems to the best of it's abilities.
Cheat Sheets
Master Lead Flow Map
Hatch Systems Messaging Plans
Sierra Lead Flow Manual

Video Training Session 1

10,000 Foot View Of Lead Flow System
Hatch Systems Master Training Video
Sierra Basics
The 6 Things You Need to Do to Take Advantage of Hatch Systems
The Power of Open Ended Questions
How to Audit Your System

Video Training Session 2

Deep Dive Into All Plans
Transferring A Database
Follow Up Plans

Video Training Session 3

Setting Up Your Routing Rules
Lead Conversion Funnel
Follow Ups vs. Clients
Downloading Plans
New Leads
Not Interested Leads
Uncontacted Leads
Follow Ups
PCSOI Systems