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Erik Hatch | Businessman

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Energetic. Risk-taking. Vulnerable. Spirited. Against the grain. Erik Hatch.

Erik has grown one of the top real estate teams in the country over the last decade, selling over 7,000 homes through his team - Hatch Brokered By Real.

Erik's impact on his team and community has changed the stars for countless people in his backyard of Fargo, ND.

Erik also runs a highly successful coaching company, impacting the top 1% in the real estate industry. It is here where he is recognized as a top 20 coach in the country.

Also a relentless do-gooder, Erik's efforts have helped to raise over 7 million dollars to eradicate poverty and human trafficking around the globe.

Erik's written 2 books (2019's Play For The Person Next To You & 2022's The Perfect Real Estate Agent Blueprint) and is a passionate speaker set out to inspire the world!

2 Ted Talks.
Hundreds of videos and webinars.
Tens of thousands of followers on social platforms.
The 'Redefine' Podcast.
Keynoting and speaking on stages of thousands.

Real estate, education, leadership, insurance, health care, agriculture, energy, technology, and more!


Erik is a chapter in the books of countless people.

A proud father of 2 and husband of 1, Erik is on fire for his family and for life!

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