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Erik Hatch | Real Estate Team Leader

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Innovative. Entrepreneurial. A difference maker. Rainmaker. Coach. Realtor. Leader. Against the grain. Erik Hatch.

Erik has grown one of the top real estate teams in the country over the last decade, selling over 7,000 homes through his team - Hatch Brokered By Real.

The backdrop for all this to happen has been in little ol' Fargo, ND. Erik and his team have captured a 10% market share and have helped to launch the careers of some of the industry's most successful Realtors. 

Under Erik's leadership and guidance, team members average over 30 transactions/year and have even climbed to selling north of 120 homes annually (as agents on a team!).

Leaning on models that breed excellence (the agent partner model, the ISA model, and more), Erik's team has broken the mold and reached heights very few teams in the industry ever hit.

Erik also runs a highly successful coaching company (Hatch Coaching), impacting the top 1% in the real estate industry. It is here where he is recognized as a top 20 coach in the country.

Very few coaches have been 'in the game' quite like Erik. As an agent, he sold over 150 homes annually. As a team leader, his crew sold 1,024 homes in a year. And as a coach, Erik has helped rainmakers to reach more success than they ever thought possible!

Also a relentless do-gooder, Erik's efforts have helped to raise over 7 million dollars to eradicate poverty and human trafficking around the globe.

Erik's written 2 books (2019's Play For The Person Next To You & 2022's The Perfect Real Estate Agent Blueprint) and is a passionate speaker set out to inspire the world!


A proud father of 2 and husband of 1, Erik is on fire for his family and for life!

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