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Connor Johnson (Hatch Realty's expert in training and development) has mastered his craft. Onboarding at the highest of levels will lead you to incredible and predictable results. Ensure that your new hires have the best chance at BIG success!

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Let us help take the training off of your shoulders.

Self Growth - Lead Gen - Role Play - Paperwork + Process


$379/ MONTH

Monthly Billing


$3,000/ YEAR

Annual Billing

Savings of $1,548/year!

Take the training off your plate, and let Connor lead your new team members through a high level, thought-provoking journey of becoming the best possible agent they can be.




It starts with mindset & self growth. Learning how to enter the industry with a service mindset will be a game changer for new team members. These lessons are also great for seasoned veterans who need a refresher!

Connor's emphasis on the importance of lead gen, role play, & daily habits will sharpen the skills of your team members.

In the final module, Connor teaches on the real estate process and (limited) paperwork details. This may be the only team specific training that would be required for your new agents.

What's Included?

- 4 Modules

(Self Growth, Lead Gen, Role Play, & Paperwork + Process)

- 47 Video Lessons

- Helpful Downloadable Handouts

Parallel Lines

MODULE 1: Self Growth

Lesson 1: The Typical Realtor

Lesson 2: Ideal Golden Circle

Lesson 3: The Outer Ring

Lesson 4: Typical Definition of Success

Lesson 5: Find Your Why in 3 Steps

Lesson 6: Fullfillment Journal

Lesson 7: Intro to DISC

Lesson 8:  D

Lesson 9: I

Lesson 10: S

Lesson 11: C

Lesson 12: DISC Outro

Lesson 13: SMART Goal Setting

Lesson 14: 1-3-5 Goal Setting

Lesson 15: 4DX Goal Setting


$379/ MONTH

Monthly Billing


$3,000/ YEAR

Annual Billing

Savings of $1,548/year!

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