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Robby T is known as a Lead Geek for a reason. Robby has called over 100,000 leads, spoke to over 10,000 people and set over 1,000 appointments. He has spent the last decade devoting himself to mastering lead conversion.

Choose between our two pricing options:


$379/ MONTH

Monthly Billing


$3,000/ YEAR

Annual Billing

Savings of $1,548/year!

Learn from Robby T

Learn how to have better conversations with leads to convert and grow your pipeline.



take-aways on how to systemize your database.


Reach new levels of success by taking on the mindset of the top ISA coach in the country.

What's Included?

- 3 Modules

(Mastering the Conversation, Mastering the System, Mastering the Mindset)

- 46 Video Lessons

- Helpful Downloadable Handouts

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MODULE 1: Mastering the Conversation

Lesson 1: Introduction to Lead Conversion

Lesson 2: Connecting with People Framework

Lesson 3: CWP - Curiosity

Lesson 4: CWP - Connection

Lesson5: CWP - Collaboration

Lesson 6: Reframe the Conversation

Lesson 7: Introduction to Opening Scripts

Lesson 8: Buyer Lead Scripts

Lesson 9: Seller Lead Scripts

Lesson 10: The Best Script in the Book

Lesson 11: Specific Ways to Ask Tell Me More

Lesson 12: Rephrase & Reflect

Lesson 13: Effective Transition Statements

Lesson 14: Challenge Their Thinking

Lesson 15: Mirror & Match

Lesson 16: DISC

Lesson 17: How to Mirror & Match

Lesson 18: Call Checklist

Lesson 19: Top Ten Things You Should Be Asking Every Lead

Lesson 20: Objections are Opportunities

Lesson 21: How to Text Leads

Lesson 22: Mastering Expired Calls

Lesson 23: Mastering FSBOs

Lesson 24: Mastering Sign Calls

Lesson 25: Mastering Zillow Transfers

Lesson 26:Mastering All Calls

Bonus Video: Conversation Tips


$379/ MONTH

Monthly Billing


$3,000/ YEAR

Annual Billing

Savings of $1,548/year!

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